The Writer's Room

The Talk Film Society team come from a wide-ranging background of film appreciation, and intend to provide you with the broad insight into latest happenings and spotlighting essential cinema of the past. Without further ado…



Marcelo J. Pico

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Marcelo currently resides in Austin, TX, trying to make a living as a videographer. When he's not podcasting or running a social network film society, you can find him at the Alamo Drafthouse. Two cats helped him write this bio.

Matt Curione

Managing Editor

Matt is a lifelong cinephile from New Jersey, and has written about film for several years. He's the cohost of Hey Watcha Watchin?, the weekly movie journal podcast on the Talk Film Society Network. He currently resides in a cave constructed out of Criterion releases on the Jersey Shore.

Rob Trench

Associate Editor 

Rob has been writing about cinema since 2011, both professionally and for fun. His interest in film began as a young child during the VHS era, and has proliferated outward to encompass a broad range of movements, eras, and national cinemas from the past and present.


Aaron Hendrix

Aaron is currently studying film at college in Washington, D.C. He is partial to anything Spider-man, Stanley Kubrick, horror, or black & white. His latest obsession is steadily building his criterion collection.


Alex Miller

Alex is a devotee of film and all things related to the subject. As an artistic medium film is a means of expression that is always growing, expanding, and changing with the times; a lover of every genre from every region of the world, one consistent mantra to live by is “If you can watch a movie, you should watch a movie."

Andrew Ihla

Andrew has survived both ends of America's climate spectrum by moving from Fargo, North Dakota, to Tucson, Arizona. The love of cinema that began when his mom showed him Jaws when he was way too young to be watching Jaws continues to grow. He and his wife, illustrator JoJo Seames, can often be found on Twitter extolling the virtues of David Lynch or pulling off death-defying stunts like livetweeting every Burton/Schumacher Batman movie. 


Ben Lane

Ben is a self-proclaimed, underappreciated writer based out of a dark little town in Ohio that no one has heard of (or cares to). When he isn’t watching films and writing about them online, he can usually be seen reading a Stephen King novel, reading Batman comics, binging TV series, and occasionally, writing stories.


Dan Colón

Dan is a New Jersey native and graduate of Ramapo College's digital filmmaking program. These days he works in movie marketing. In his spare time, when he's not watching top tier kino masterpieces, he's elbow deep in the dregs of DVD bargain bins, unearthing collections of little-loved, under-appreciated public domain garbage to add to his library.


Harrison Brockwell

Harrison Brockwell is a sentient pile of nerd paraphernalia with a love of all things that can be put on a screen. He regularly gets in trouble for screaming "ACTUALLY" when someone gets an obsolete trivia fact wrong. Living in Oklahoma, he has to find someway to stay entertained.


Jaime Rebanal

Jaime writes film reviews regularly for Letterboxd and is also the founder of Film Thoughts, a blog dedicated to discussing the good, the bad, and the in-between of cinema. He has written consistently for at least a year and continues to allow his content to roam free across the web, and is always open to discuss with fellow film fans.


James Barrett

James is a psuedo-intellectual "Big Dweeb" from northern Virginia. If seen, please maintain distance and contact your local authorities immediately. $500 Reward.



Manish Mathur

Manish is a fan of movies, based out of Queens, NY. Manish can talk your ear off about Alfred Hitchcock and Scarlett Johansson, his two main favorites.  He also is an Oscar obsessive, box office geek, and movie theater snob.


Marcus Irving

Marcus Irving is a former movie theatre employee and student at Iowa Central Community College majoring in Journalism. In his spare time it's a pretty safe bet that he's watching horror movies or playing video games. His favorite movie is Chasing Amy. If you don't like that you can pretend he had a cooler answer.


Nick Issac

Nick is a former co-host of the After Saturday Night podcast. He resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and two dogs, where they have developed a system based around dice and Post-It Notes to avoid fights about picking the next movie on Netflix.


Rockie Juarez

A 37 year old who is Benjamin Buttoning his way into the grave. Co-host of The Colorado St. Podcast. Video Store Clerk at Vulcan Video in Austin, TX for damn near a decade. Dad who love/hates the entire world. Always kidding.

Ryan Barnett

Ryan is a San Francisco based high schooler, professional Letterboxd writer, and Michael Mann agnostic. Favorite people include Sofia Coppola and Kanye West (in that order). He hasn’t achieved much, BUT he does work at a movie theater and can get up to two guests in at a slightly reduced cost, so… 


Ryan Horner

Ryan writes things. He can usually be found in Riverside, California watching scary movies in the dark or sobbing over his record collection. He is a slave to his cats and a professional sad sack. If he grew a beard, he would like a kid disguise.


Sarah Buck

Sarah believes in magic. She is a Folklorist who studies TARDIS mythology and American traditional butchering practices. Her short documentaries have won note academically and at comic book conventions. She lives in Oregon (the best state) with her novel-writing husband, Caleb and her cos-playing 7 year old, Fiona. Among her other pursuits are painting, wine drinking, reading and studying to become a level 100 Hag.


Sarah Jane

Sarah J is originally from Southern California. She’s lived in England and Austin, TX but is now currently stuck somewhere in the bowels of the Southwest. She has four cats, one son, and one husband. Sarah Jane has seen almost 5,000 films and her top three are Deep Red, Le Samouraï, and Miller’s Crossing.


Sean Beattie

Sean is a Montclair, New Jersey based writer with a film degree, and an endless font of useless trivia for a mind. He'd do well on Jeopardy so long as no one was looking, and all of the questions were about Bill Murray.


Tyler Scruggs

Tyler is a pop culture omnivore based in Atlanta, GA. He sees everything in IMAX and gets a large Coke Zero. He also writes songs and sings them.